Why Green?

Its easy to feel overwhelmed in this highly mechanized World.

We live in an age where so much is made by machines, and little of it passes the touch of a human hand.

The vagueness of how items are processed or created, and what this process leaves behind in our Earth has a become common theme in everyday life.

All of my pieces are made utilizing elements from the Earth; common items you might find in your pantry or mudroom. Not jewelers chemicals.

These days I find myself hungering for the Old World ways of doing things. I place immeasurable value on items that someone took time to make. The effort, the thought.

I crave walking the Greener path in life, and I humbly welcome the opportunity to become better at this within each facet of life. In learning the craft of jewelry making, it just seemed a natural progression for me to never introduce the use of power tools in my creative process.

No Sanders. No Buffers. No Tumblers. I believe more life and emotion enters my pieces by lack of power tools. It allows me to become more intimate with the process of creating the piece.

To create a bond.

I am pleased to present my work to you.  Straight from my hand to yours.