Jewelry Care

Silver. Its lustrious shine.

Used in jewelry creation for millennium. Cherished by countless. 

Because of the elemental properties of the metal, and its reaction with our atmosphere; tarnish is a naturally occurring reaction. Sterling silver should be cleaned periodically by gently buffing with a polishing cloth, until shine is restored. 

Should you have a piece which is oxidized, no buffing is needed, as this will remove that patina. 

Please remember to remove your pieces before swimming, bathing or sleeping. Avoiding contact with perfumes, lotions and powders is also prudent, as this can irreparably damage the metal. 

It is best to store your jewelry in a closed box or a bag when not wearing to slow oxidation.

*Should you have a piece of mine that is oxidized, please note this can naturally wear down over time depending on your skin's reaction with the metal and frequency of being worn.*

Because of my eco-friendly stance, I am not able to resize rings.


All of my pieces are made with my two bare hands.

No harsh chemicals. No power tools involved. Because of this, my silver will never have that high gloss mirror shine that others have; as the buffing I do is all by hand and quite a lengthy task.

My process is time consuming and individualized. File marks and asymmetries are all part of the non-mechanical, hand fashioned process.