About Me

My name is Melissa, the sole creator of this wearable art from start to finish.

My great fondness of Art and the Ocean began as a young girl growing up along the seashore in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Happily strolling from my home to the neighborhood beach to scour the sand in attempt to build up my sea-glass collection (in which I still proudly have today). Many-a-art projects were concocted with those little treasures I found in the coastal sands. From jewelry, to coasters, and little keepsakes.... my first apartment was lovingly peppered with these little hand fashioned works of art.

The years have rolled on and I find myself still enjoying the craft of creating something unique while challenging my skill-set. In my home with my partner, son, and my rescue cats, I have found that this long-time hobby has flourished and transformed into another new found love of mine; creating wearable metal art with gentle regard for our environment.

My Jewelry has all been made using hand tools only; no power tools.

Using carefully chosen chemical-free recipes to treat the silver and gold in the metal smithing process. Steering clear from traditional jewelers chemicals and power tools has brought me on a deeper level with my work. Each aspect is handled mindfully and because I’m working with my hands in each facet I’ve naturally reduced my pace to more of a slow-made fashion. 

I strongly believe in giving items a second life when possible, to help lessen the impact on our environment. The vast majority of the metal I use in my work has been recycled, and most the stones procured direct from the individual who both unearthed and cut them. I really care about our Mother Earth, and I hope you will see as well, that this reflects in my work.

My attempt is honest and humble in trying to walk this World with a soft carbon footprint. To perhaps show that a craft, such as jewelry making, and our respect for Nature can be aligned. --  I believe it can.