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The Green Bee Studio

Keeper of the Galaxies — Boulder Pipe Crystal Opal Ring in Sterling Silver and Solid 14kt Gold — Size 6 3/4

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Each Opal holds a Galaxy within.

This Pipe Crystal Opal, so soft with its gentle pastel fires inside. Formed and born from millennia inside of sandstone.

Wrapped in solid 14kt gold and set on a lapping style wide sterling band, this piece is also adorned with a complimenting solid 14kt Gold accent piece.

Natural texture, line formations and depressions exist on this opal surface; this is natural to the opal and is part of its formation. And is the reason I was so attracted to this Opal. I have taken many images to try and capture the surface at different angles.

Pipe Opals, such as these are truly Nature’s Wonder. With all things precious in Nature, we must treat them gently. Please make sure to remove your ring before strenuous activity, or any activity which may cause the stone to be hit. Opals do not have the same hardness as agates. 

The Opal is approximately 0.3 inches by 0.4 inches.

The Band is 0.45 inches wide, and sizes to a 7 1/4 on a ring mandrel, but because of its wideness, it will fit a size 6 3/4 to 7.

This is handmade and one of a kind. I have created this in an eco-friendly manner — from hand with no harsh jewelers chemicals and no power tools. The old fashioned way, using recycled silver.

Thus, it has taken me a considerable amount of time compared to using other modern jewelry techniques. Therefore, file marks, as well as asymmetries are all part of the hand-fashioned process.

** PLEASE NOTE: I can not make changes to sizing or oxidation preferences once a piece is complete; I am not set up to do so. How my items show here is the final product. Because of my power tool-free ways, and lack of traditional jewelers chemicals in my process, this piece is sold as you see it here. **


So beautiful. The stone is like a dreamy landscape that's so peaceful to look at. I love how this artist puts the moon and/or sun behind it. really sets off the piece. I definitely will be back to buy more pieces! And the the shipping was so lightning fast!!!!

This is utterly beautiful and her packaging/presentation top-notch. Shall be a gift for my daughter!

My dendritic ring turned out to be even MORE AMAZING in real life. I love it so much! The work and detailing is so good. It's perfect!

Love my new earrings the stones are gorgeous and the workmanship is impeccable!

Today I received this unique and beautiful ring in Japan!! Thank you Melissa for shipping quickly . I will gaze at this ring all the time. Thank you !!